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Operating at Anexartisias Street, Limassol; Paint Social is a paint-your-own pottery studio designed for all age groups – a relaxed, fun-filled environment for people to enjoy painting on pottery.A neighborhood space for both children and adults, to spend time with friends and family, all while discovering artistic potentials

and demonstrating creativities.

The studio has more than 1000 kinds of pottery to paint such as plates, bowls, mugs, teapots, vases and many interesting designs for kids; all perfectly fits everyone’s interest in creating own per -sonalized masterpiece.Our party room can be booked for parties and group functions. More details.


Erica, the Founder

My childhood memory of visiting a pottery studio with my family and friends; had inspired me to open Paint Social. Painting pottery is a fun and fulfilling experience, being able to spend time with your love ones and creating your own masterpiece at the same time.

Although I possess a master’s degree in Business Administration and worked in many multi-national companies, I have always wanted to explore the creative side of me. Being able to create paintings and artworks without formal education, I know that I must pursue something related to art.

Being a mother, I know that this is a fun activity for any child and parent alike. The enjoyment in children’s eyes when they see their gleaming and vibrant masterpieces, the sentiment a mother feels when she sees her baby’s tiny footprint on a pottery and the sur- prise a customer gets when they realize “I can do this!” - all are

the reasons for me to open this studio. Paint Social is a place for people to celebrate and explore their creative side and I am fortu- nate to be a part of their experience here at the studio.

Opening Hours


11:00 - 19:00

Anexartisias Street, Agora Anexartisias, Shop No. 14, Limassol, 3032 Cyprus

Tel: +357 96939798

       +357 25007794

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