Hands and Footprints

Capture memories and make time stand still by creating pottery with handprints and footprints. Create valuable gifts for family and friends. Imprint baby’s hands and feet on their first Birthday, Christmas and other occasions to create treasured mementos.

Choose to Do It Yourself or with our Commission service.

With DIY, we will first help you to ensure that the baby’s hands and feet are imprinted nicely before you start being creative. Once they are imprinted nicely, you can start to design and decorate your masterpiece. We have many samples and photos which can give you inspiration and ideas.  The idea is to create a one of a kind cherished keepsake that no one else could have.

With our commission service, we can transform your child’s hand or footprints into anything you can imagine. We will work with you to create a unique piece according to your requirements. Depends on the complexity of the design, the price begins at €10 on top of the price of the pottery. 

Please contact us for more details.

PS Paint Social - Hands Footprints
PS Paint Social - Hands & Feet
PS Paint Social - Hands and Feet
PS Paint Social - Hands & Foot