Pottery to Go

Experience the enjoyment of pottery painting at your own time and space. Drop in to our studio to collect a kit and bring it with you for Birthday Parties, Team Buildings, Family Activities, School Activities, Bridal Parties… or just enjoy the freedom of private painting at your pace.


Select your pieces in advance or let us select those within your price range. We will provide paint, brushes, and design accessories for your projects. When the pieces are completed, simply bring them back to us for firing and collection takes approximately 7 working days.

Please contact us for more details.

PS Paint Social - Pottery to Go
PS Paint Social - Pottery to Go
PS Paint Social - Pottery to Go

Opening Hours


11:00 - 19:00

Anexartisias Street, Agora Anexartisias, Shop No. 14, Limassol, 3032 Cyprus

Tel: +357 96939798

       +357 25007794

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PS Paint Social - Pottery to Go

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