Walk-In & Create

Drop in and create personalized pottery for you or for a loved one. Enjoy the fun

of pottery painting in our cozy and fun-filled studio. A special place to gather with family and friends to create, laugh, share and grow. Our open studio welcomes people of all ages and ability to paint and play…

How it works

Step 1

You Pick It

Step 2

You Paint It

Step 3

We Fire It

Step 4

You Take It

Step 1: You Pick It

We have over 1,200 pieces of pottery for you to choose from. We offer ceramic plates, bowls, banks, mugs, vases, pitchers, frames, figurines and much more to create a functional and long-lasting masterpiece.


Step 2: You Paint It

Simply think of a design and starts creating! We have tons of samples, pictures, internet access eg. Pinterest, for inspiration and idea. We also have a large selection of easy to use stamps, sponges and stencils. All our paints are water based and non-toxic so suitable for all ages.


Step 3: We Fire It

When you finish your masterpiece, leave it to us. We hand-glaze each piece and fire it in-house.


Step 4: You Take It

Pieces are food safe, lead free and will be ready for collection in about 7 days.

What It Costs

Pottery ranges from €8 to €40 with a large selection of pieces in the range of €10 to €20.

Opening Hours


11:00 - 19:00

Anexartisias Street, Agora Anexartisias, Shop No. 14, Limassol, 3032 Cyprus

Tel: +357 96939798

       +357 25007794

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